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How To Fish For An Insult

White House Spox Bill Burton talks to reporters en route to Philadelphia this morning, who’d like a little more political bitchery in their day-to-day. Burton manages to barely resist.

Q    Bill, really quick, does the White House thinks it’s appropriate for the RNC to use images of the President as a Joker from Batman to raise money?

MR. BURTON:  Well, look, I understand that the individual who put this presentation together is under a lot of pressure to raise a lot of money.  I mean, he has raise half a million dollars just to make his own payroll. So I think that you see things happening in the political season all the time.  But whether or not Michael Steele and the rest of Republican leadership thinks it’s appropriate is a question for them.

I saw that Mitch McConnell distanced himself from it yesterday and I think we may have really found an issue where the President and Mitch McConnell agree.

Q    Do you think the RNC needs to come out a little — more strongly in terms of what it — whether they think it’s appropriate?

MR. BURTON:  I mean, what Michael Steele decides to do with that individual and what the members of the RNC decide to do is really up to them.


Don’t Forget To Tip Your Waitresses

The Times:

Sitting at his desk next door to the Oval Office last week, he was tearing into a five-inch corned beef sandwich on rye with a Flintstone-size turkey drumstick waiting on deck. “I am the poster child for the president’s obesity program,” he said.

A few minutes later, Mr. Obama walked in unannounced, scattering two aides like startled pigeons. “Hey,” Mr. Axelrod said by way of greeting (no “sir” or “Mr. President.”) Mr. Obama surveyed the spread on Mr. Axelrod’s desk with a slight smirk.

“What is this, King Arthur’s court?” he asked, then pulled Mr. Axelrod aside to talk about a health care speech he was about to deliver.

Where do you even get a huge turkey drumstick?