— Michael Sean Winters continues our discussion of Catholicism, scandal and politics. This was particularly interesting:

Put differently, I resist the reduction of religion to ethics, the replacement of the question about what makes us a Christian with the questions about how we live as Christians.

— I have a column up at TAPPED about watching some Senators grill Goldman Sachs executives. A sample:

More often than not, the senators confused themselves or simply made the unctuously polite bankers more sympathetic. No one’s private e-mails — or self-evaluations — make them look good when discussed in public. Imagine going through your own work e-mail on national television while being scolded by America’s wise men. It sounds excruciating, and I don’t engage in multibillion-dollar deals or refer to myself in the third person with an absurd nickname.

Picture via.

* I’ve always preferred to define remarkable erroneously, as anything able-to-be-remarked on.  Hence the the title of this little round-up.

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