Pork Buns

Nom nom nom.

We made David Chang’s pork bun recipe last night, and boy, was it worth the effort — a day of pork belly curing and roasting, a trip to H-Mart for necessities and an experiment in steaming. They were almost as tasty as the originals I’ve had at Momofuku, which is saying something.

Putting it all together.

In the future I’d probably cook the pork for a shorter time (my oven is too hot) and make each little sandwich with half of the Asian buns, which are delicious but incredibly filling; the texture of the bun sort of overwhelms everything else that’s going on. I’d bought these buns frozen, but making them per Chang’s recipe seems like a good idea.  I just don’t have a mixer, which is probably a poor excuse as excuses go.

Pork Belly about to spend six hours curing.

I’d also recommend finding a skinless pork belly; I had to skin mine and while everything turned out fine, it was bit of a project and probably resulted in a slab of meat that was a little bit thinner than it ought to have been.

If I haven’t mentioned it already, the Momofuku cookbook is really good. Not just because so many of the recipes are actually within reach for the amateur (once you track down the necessary ingredients at an Asian market) but also because it does something few cookbooks do, which is include some narrative. The book is structured around each of Chang’s restaurant and begins each section with a couple thousand well-written words about the delights, challenges and fuck-ups involved with opening a new establishment.

I know, incidentally, that these pictures suck. I took them with my phone. Next time I’ll recruit a proper photographer.


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