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Too many spoilers to quote here, but once you’ve seen Inception — do, it’s very good — read this excellent review.

Enhance… Enhance…

We not only find images for pretty much anything you type in; we can also instantly pull out images of clip art, line drawings, faces and even colors.

There’s even more sophisticated computer vision technology powering our “Similar images” tool. For example, did you know there are nine subspecies of leopards, each with a distinct pattern of spots? Google Images can recognize the difference, returning just leopards of a particular subspecies. It can tell you the name of the subspecies in a particular image—even if that image isn’t labeled—because other similar leopard images on the web are labeled with that subspecies’s name.

Via Ooh! Ahh! Google Images presents a nicer way to surf the visual web

Thanks Washington Post

So much of the day job is trying to share my passion for the complexities of finance and regulation with my fellow Americans.  However, the Washington Post is kicking my ass right now, because in trying to explain the new financial reform bill, they’ve created infographics like this:

Derivatives panic!

Can the film live up to the poster? Maybe. The number of awesome actors in this — Mary-Louise Parker and Jeff Daniels, David Strathairn and Jon Hamm? —  practically guarantees disappointment, but a man can dream.

Busy Hustling

More exciting content and news forthcoming. It’s been a very fruitful few weeks.