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Can’t embed for whatever reason, but here’s the Morning Benders covering Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” We saw them do this at the Black Cat the other week, and it made my night.

Do you think this is an appropriate song for a wedding reception? Or just amazing?

“In 1989, I read Haruki Murakami. I had only been vaguely aware of his existence—as some kind of pop writer, mounds of whose stuff were to be seen filling up the front counters in the bookstores, but I hadn’t deigned to read what was sure to be silly fluff about teenagers getting drunk and hopping into bed.”

My Dad and I went for a hike t0day at Ramblin’ Vewe Farm (I know). Until recently it was a working farm but now, as that became unsustainable, converted into a land trust with multi-use trails. Last night we had sleet and freezing rain, and all the trees were covered in a fine sheen of ice. Under the sun, it began to melt, dripping from the trees. By the time we headed back to the trail-head, the temperature had dropped again, and the path, now coated with ice, looked like it was paved with diamonds.

We came upon an old tow-rope for skiing in the middle of the forest. Skiers used it to travel uphill in the 1940s or 50s, we’re not sure, but now it’s completely surrounded by forest. A burnt out old car, probably from the same era, is nearby, similarly hemmed in by the trees.

Great Men Of History

I’m home for Thanksgiving, and found my Grandfather’s yearbook from his senior year of high school — 1929. Think I could get people to start calling me Maje?

Onra — “High Hopes” (feat. Reggie B)

Thanks, Chris!