I know this is “for women,” not “for me,” but I definitely identify with the food-related part of this :

Work! Make sure you have a job that makes you so nervous that when 11 a.m. rolls around and you start to feel a little hungry, you just power through it since there’s no way you can leave the computer (everyone would somehow sense you were gone and realize that they did actually hate you after all?), and then at 3:30 p.m. when you do get a chance to break away, you’re strangely unhungry even though you know you’re probably technically hungry — but also you’re amazed because you never thought you’d be one of those people who “forgot to eat lunch,” as you always understood those people to be insane or liars, but here you are, a Busy Woman who forgot to eat lunch

Nothing is worse than trying to find an appealing lunch in downtown Washington in the mid-afternoon. There’s also the whole ‘but-then-I-won’t-be-hungry-for-dinner” anxiety. Also, if you eat that late, you can’t really go to the gym right after work because you’re full of food.  After-work drinks can easily become dinner, as well.


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