Hank’s Oyster Bar

We went to Hank’s last night to Take The Edge Off Tuesday (TM). We started with platters of $1 (!) raw oysters, and quickly moved on to their small plates menu. Most items delighted: The Mac and Cheese, normally an average side dish, was superb, and the fried oysters were a perfect bite, if, like all their bivalve brethren, a little gross looking. My favorites were BBQ’d Oysters along these lines, but broiled, and chilled marinated beets. I just love beets.

All of the finger food was improved by our party’s decision to follow this excellent guide to savoring morsels by drinking plenty of vodka:

Russian men drink vodka shots. They drink vodka with gusto while making loud breathing noises. They drink vodka as if their manhood depended on how loud those noises are. After these shots, Russians eat. They eat small morsels of food, chewing pensively, their gaze directed inward like that of a woman in late stages of pregnancy.

While the instructions that follow may sound absurd, trust me, they work. And the animal noises we made before each shot didn’t dissuade our neighbors at the next table from making our acquaintance over a discussion of stadium trivia.


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