Monthly Archives: January 2011

It’s amazing what you can do when you have an incredible graphics department right down the hall. Look at this complex corporate tax infographic we made, and tremble!


I too believe that tablet PCs will change, in many beneficial ways, the way we read and  write.

The United States of America is the single greatest nation on earth.

Today’s my third State of the Union as a political reporter, if you count Obama’s first address to Congress as President in January 2009. They embody the combination of silliness, taking things too seriously and not taking anything seriously enough that characterizes big-time political events, but few remember that SOTU used to be a report the president would send in the mail. When Woodrow Wilson decided he wanted to come to the Hill and give Congress the news in person, everybody freaked out.


I’ve been sitting indecisively on an gift certificate for well over a year now because I can’t decide which print to get. Thoughts? Via.

Don Kirchner, who created the Monkees, died this week. I always liked this song, whoever actually wrote/sang/played it.