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AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka; Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner

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Mykonos / Fleet Foxes / Sun Giant EP


I’m dealing with a lot of emotions right now, because Dan Bejar went on Jimmy Fallon’s show for the TV debut of his band, Destroyer. I love Destroyer, and I hate Jimmy Fallon. After this appearance, do I have to like Fallon — one of the worst SNL cast members ever — because he brought my favorite band on his show? Do I hate him more because someone so hackish shouldn’t be allowed to showcase such talent? Do I have to be disgusted with Destroyer for appearing on Fallon’s show?

I don’t know. But Chris pointed out that Destroyer has not one but two bassists playing with him, and that’s badass as hell.

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The Lifestyle To Which We Are Accustomed

Text messages from Tuesday, 5:28 p.m.

Chris: Mouse is stuck in the recycling bin! What do I do? Kill with a pot or pan?

Tim: I say kill, but if that is too weird try to trap him in something and I’ll deal with him later, or try walk it a few blocks away and set it free.

Chris: Nm, tried to kill with a log and broke the recycling bin and it got away

Tim: Lol

Relatedly, Esmeralda has a twitter feed now.

“The quality of mind I value in other people and strive for in myself is a kind of nimbleness, a fluidity of mind. The world is too complex for any particular narrative to be perfect. Good judgment, I think, comes from the ability to slip between and among stories, to understand the ways different accounts might be true, to marshall evidence and reasoning on both sides and then assign weights to a superposition of competing, sometimes contradictory ideas, all of which play a role in ones choices.” – Steve Randy Waldman

Franconia Notch, New Hampshire