A really good story about Conan O’Brien and the rise of digital media from Fortune magazine:

All told, Team Coco touches more than 5 million people each month, many of them primarily consumers of O’Brien’s brand of humor online. “A lot of television executives still have the idea that a show is something everybody watches,” O’Brien says using an old-fashioned voice: ” ‘Let’s gather around the TV set and watch it, and then let’s talk about it with all our friends at work tomorrow.’ Well, your friends didn’t watch the same show that you did, and they also didn’t watch it at the same time.” And it no longer bothers O’Brien if that’s the case with his show. As long as they’re consuming it, any time, any place will do.

Also, this quote captures the way I often feel when people talk about the death of newspapers:

Then O’Brien thinks it through like a digital-media guy. “Ten years ago, if my situation with NBC had unfolded, none of this would have happened. Yeah, maybe I was 10 years too late to do The Tonight Show that I wanted to do,” he says. “But I was just in the nick of time. Do you know what I mean?”



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