Interest intersection, y’all! Gary Johnson is a former New Mexico governor running a semi-serious campaign for the Republican presidential nomination on a kind of “Ron Paul but more relatable” platform.

Quixotic or no, Johnson’s effort has brought him to my beloved New Hampshire, where to his credit he is doing his best to seize the high ground, literally, and prove his Granite State bonafides. Dave Weigel passes on the press release:

Governor Johnson will be skiing Tuckerman’s Ravine on Mount Washington. Media are invited to cover the event and/or ski with the Governor.  Tuckerman’s Ravine is an extreme skiing endeavor. Interviews can be conducted at Hermit Lake Shelter (a two hour hike from the trailhead) or at the trailhead following the run.

Tuck’s is a glacial bowl that’s part of Mount Washington, the crown jewel of the Appalachian Mountains and the highest point in the United States east of the Rockies:

You can only safely ski its 40 to 50 degree slopes after the headwall melts in the spring, or you’re like to see an avalanche — and even when people deem it ski-able, avalanches still happen. For me, like a lot of skiers in New Hampshire, Tuck’s provided an annual opportunity to get outside the expensive bounds of alpine resorts for a day of sweaty climbs and speedy descents. Perfect training for a political campaign, really.


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