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“Chelsea Handler meets Hunter S. Thompson on a political cannonball run across America.”

That’s the description of the new book Meghan McCain is going to write with Michael Ian Black. Uh.


Can’t stop watching this.

Been killing a lot of time here.

John McPhee:

It may sound like I’ve got some sort of formula by which I write. Hell, no! You’re out there completely on your own—all you’ve got to do is write. OK, it’s nine in the morning. All I’ve got to do is write. But I go hours before I’m able to write a word. I make tea. I mean, I used to make tea all day long. And exercise, I do that every other day. I sharpened pencils in the old days when pencils were sharpened. I just ran pencils down. Ten, eleven, twelve, one, two, three, four—this is every day. This is damn near every day. It’s four-thirty and I’m beginning to panic. It’s like a coiling spring. I’m really unhappy. I mean, you’re going to lose the day if you keep this up long enough. Five: I start to write. Seven: I go home. That happens over and over and over again. So why don’t I work at a bank and then come in at five and start writing? Because I need those seven hours of gonging around. I’m just not that disciplined. I don’t write in the morning—I just try to write.

Thanks, Zubin.                                                                                                                          Via.

Elizabeth Warren is shocked.

When will Action Bronson be offered an Adult Swim (Food Network?) show?
I’m going to make this.

“The First World War distracted governments from the task of monitoring insect movements.”