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Sorry for the lack of posting, I moved to California this weekend. Touring the coasts for the week but we’ll be back full speed ahead in August. A lot of exciting new stuff to come for this blog, and at GOOD.


Dolphin economics:

Current dolphin goods seem to be food, sex, kids, and conversation, with a fairly tight [Production Possibility Frontier].  They don’t buy lampshades.  Most of “dolphin economic growth” seems to come from finding more and better food, getting more and better sex, finding safer environments for the children, and learning to enjoy other dolphins more.  It’s hard to store dolphin goods and thus it is hard for the Mengerian origin of money story to get underway.

Important lessons. Also, this post is actually about aliens.

Paul Campos:

With the 40th anniversary of the Watergate break-in coming up, I’m struck by how durable the practice of making a portmanteau word out of any scandal and “gate” has been. I guess it makes sense in that it makes it easy to come up with a shorthand term, instead of figuring out whether we’re going to call the scandal “Teapot Dome” or what have you.

I sort of wish we lived in a world where all scandals either had “Teapot” or “Dome”  attached to them instead of “gate.” Just consult this excellent list of scandals and go to town…

The Pedaldome scandal

Teapot Cable

Teapot Maid


You get the idea. Also, Teapot Dome was a great scandal.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles…

Sorry for the lack of blogging, been busy celebrating and frantically preparing for my departure. T-minus four days. I can’t believe it.

You know it’s my b-day today?