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Thanks, Dave.

“A bigger mystery is what Americans do with the estimated 11 billion clips sold annually in the U.S. That works out to about 35 per American. ‘We actually can’t understand how the U.S. consumption can be so huge,’ says Martin Yang, a senior vice president at Officemate.”

Too big to embed but check this guy’s stuff out. Crazy.

Peg/ Steely Dan/ Aja

[N]ew infrastructures merge idea and practice, ars and tecnica, so seamlessly that it’s easy to forget how big (and how Big) the ideas that inform them actually are. Increasingly, the ultimate upshot of the Big Idea — the changed world, the bettered world — is bypassing the idea stage altogether. As we build new tools and, with them, a new environment, blueprints are byproducts rather than guideposts. We’re playing progress, increasingly, by ear. And, in the process, we’re becoming less self-conscious about change itself — and about our role in effecting it.