Every year, the residents of Gävle, Sweden, build a holiday goat. Every year, people try to destroy it:

  • 1972 The goat collapsed because of sabotage.[3]
  • 1973 N/A
  • 1974 Burnt.[3]
  • 1975 N/A
  • 1976 Ran over by a car.[17][18]
  • 1977 N/A
  • 1978 Again, the goat was kicked to pieces.[3]
  • 1979 The goat was burnt even before it was erected. A new one was built and fireproofed. It was destroyed and broken into pieces.[16]
  • 1980 Burnt down on Christmas Eve.[3]
  • 1981 Nothing happened.[3]
  • 1982 Burnt down on Lucia (December 13).[3]
  • 1983 The legs were destroyed.[3]

Thanks, Cord.                                                                                                           Via.


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