This ASAP Rocky interview is so quotable, I don’t even know where to start excerpting. Good financial advice:

“I always thought, if you get a million dollars, live like a thousandaire. If you get a billion dollars, live like a millionaire.”

Thoughts on his muse:

“I’m just really influenced by Houston’s culture. That’s the shit that really gets me going. Houston all the way. I never been there but I just love the culture. I’m quite sure Wu-Tang had never been to China before, but they were influenced and you couldn’t tell them that they weren’t…I’m influenced by purple drink. I don’t give a fuck. I’ll sip it, so what? I think we all should sip it it. Modern-day hipster shit. When it comes to Houston, I’m really attracted to the culture. Swanging, tipping, leaning, all that. That shit is dope.”

On his friends:

“I’d smack the shit out of somebody for Drake.”


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