This week at home has been spent watching a fairly large amount of reality tv with my sister, from Teen Mom 2 (I don’t have the words) to Hoarders, which was about as horrifying as this contemporary classic lead me to believe. Much better, though, is Extreme Couponing. It sort of makes me want to start collecting coupons, except I don’t have 20 hours a week to do it, but it’s totally entertaining at the end of every episode when six hundred dollars of groceries is reduced to $5.23, after the inevitable clash with the grocery store coupon policy and someone saying something like “this is the last thing an extreme couponer wants to hear.”

Still, these people end up grocery carts that include fifteen bottles of laundry detergent or 1,200 (I shit you not) boxes of mini-cereal. What are you going to do with all that? Some people donate their gains, but other people have stockpiles and look like they’re prepping themselves to go on Hoarders later in life.

Also, is there any agreement on whether its pronounced COO-pon or CUE-pon?


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