A list of names proposed by the poet Marianne Moore for a new Ford automobile in 1955:

  • The Ford Silver Sword
  • Hirundo
  • Aerundo
  • Hurricane Hirundo (swallow)
  • Hurricane Aquila (eagle)
  • Hurricane Accipter (hawk)
  • The Impeccable
  • Symmechromatic
  • Thunderblender
  • The Resilient Bullet
  • Intelligent Bullet
  • Bullet Cloisoné
  • Bullet Lavolta
  • The Intelligent Whale
  • The Ford Fabergé (That there is also a perfume Fabergé seems to me to do no harm, for here allusion is to the original silversmith)
  • The Arc-en-Ciel (the rainbow)
  • Arcenciel
  • Mongoose Civique
  • Anticipator
  • Regna Racer (couronne a couronne) sovereign to sovereign
  • Aeroterre
  • Fée Rapide (Aerofee, Aero Faire, Fee Aiglette, Magi-faire) Comme Il Faire
  • Tonnere Alifère (winged thunder)
  • Aliforme Alifère (wing-slender a-wing)
  • Turbotorc (used as an adjective by Plymouth)
  • Thunderbird Allié (Cousin Thunderbird)
  • Thunder Crester
  • Dearborn Diamanté
  • Magigravure
  • Pastelogram
  • Regina-Rex
  • Taper Racer
  • Varsity Stroke
  • Angelastro
  • Astranaut
  • Chaparral
  • Tir á l’arc (bull’s eye)
  • Cresta Lark
  • Triskelion (three legs running)
  • Pluma Piluma (hairfine, feather-foot)
  • Adante con Moto (description of a good motor?)
  • Turcotinga (turqoise cotinga—the cotinga being a South-American finch or sparrow) solid indigo.
  • Utopian Turtletop

They went with Edsel. I would love to drive a Ford Anticipator or Mongoose Civique. 



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