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A tour of Don Draper’s new apartment.


From this …

… to this: All About the Benjamins.

Golden Brown/ The Stranglers/ La Folie

I am glad you are happy — but I never believe much in happiness. I never believe in misery either. Those are things you see on the stage or the screen or the printed pages, they never really happen to you in life.

All I believe in in life is the rewards for virtue (according to your talents) and the punishments for not fulfilling your duties, which are doubly costly. If there is such a volume in the camp library, will you ask Mrs. Tyson to let you look up a sonnet of Shakespeare’s in which the line occurs “Lillies that fester smell far worse than weeds.”



Nor can they possibly believe that Tebow is anywhere close to a championship-level quarterback either. But he just might be enough of a lightning rod candidate to force Sanchez out of his comfort zone in the way Rick Santorum has made Mitt Romney sweat across the long Republican primary season.

Thanks, Harvey Araton, for the inevitable Tebow-Santorum comparison.