Although since 2007 reports of violence connected with child stealing have been rare, U.S. citizens traveling in the countryside should be careful to keep a distance from local children so as not to be suspected of engaging in child stealing. In recent years, numerous Guatemalan citizens have been lynched for suspicion of child stealing, and three local women who had allegedly facilitated foreign adoptions were attacked by a mob that accused them of kidnapping and killing a girl whose mutilated remains were found near Camotan, Chiquimula. … In 2007, two foreigners (including a U.S. citizen) and a Guatemalan kayaking on a river near Chicamán, Quiché were accused of stealing children and seized by a 500-person mob (estimated). Although threatened, the individuals were not harmed. The incident occurred after the group had been talking and joking with a local boy on the river bank.

Guatemala is a fascinating place.


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