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I’m in Guatemala for the next few days. See you when I get back.



Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings/ Father John Misty/ Fear Fun

Thanks, Chris.

“I believe very strongly that people on the left are too prone to do things that are emotionally satisfying and not politically useful. I have a rule, and it’s true of Occupy, it’s true of the gay-rights movement: If you care deeply about a cause, and you are engaged in an activity on behalf of that cause that is great fun and makes you feel good and warm and enthusiastic, you’re probably not helping, because you’re out there with your friends, and political work is much tougher and harder.”

Thanks, Amina.

Winston Churchill designed his own one-piece “siren” suit.

“French broadcasters, observing the country’s election law, are waiting for 8 p.m. Paris time to announce the results of Sunday’s vote even as unofficial tallies, released by Swiss and Belgian news sites, circulated wildly on Twitter using joking code on the #RadioLondres thread.”

Twitter disrupting the conventions of media; a Socialist leads the race to run France in the depths of the Euro crisis. We live in interesting times.