One issue we all worked on together at GOOD was themed “The Next Big Thing.” We definitely took that point of view: what is actually a big deal right now and going to be a bigger deal tomorrow? What are the people we know in each field or niche talking about today that culture more broadly is going to be obsessed with in just a few weeks or in less than a year? We also had an issue in the works for the end of this year themed “Reset Button,” that was pegged to come out on 12/12/12, the Mayan calendar apocalypse date. The idea was, “How would we do things differently if we were to reset them?” We want to take some of our ideas that we were already starting to formulate and pour them into Tomorrow.

As you can tell from Ann’s quote, we have some awesome ideas for our first issue. I just got back from a three day reporting trip at Ford’s research and development labs (see photo above). Talented writers we respect enormously are sending us great ideas. Even though we beat our fundraising goal, we still want more people to buy the issue and help us make something truly awesome, so if you haven’t backed us yet, well, do it!


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