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Weekend plans.


In 2003, a young developer noticed that friends in college signed up for AIM exclusively and left it running most of the time. The reason? They wanted to use the program’s status message, which allowed them to type a short note telling their online buddies what they were doing, even when they weren’t at the computer. Messages like “gone shopping” and “studying for my exams” became commonplace.

“That was the beginning of the trend toward Facebook, people having somewhere to put their thoughts, a continuous stream of consciousness,” said the developer, who worked in the MSN Messenger unit. “The main purpose of AIM wasn’t to chat, but to give you the chance to log in at any time and check out what your friends were doing.”

Remember that?

Hey buddy.

As truly long-suffering readers know, I’m a fan of Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer’s production logo. But I was not aware that five MGM lions filled that logo: Slats, Jackie, Tanner, George, and Leo.

Slats, the silent chiller above, is my new favorite.

Wilshire and Fairfax, Los Angeles; 1920.


“I don’t think I can even talk about what I was doing for work back then. I had a couple different scams going on; one was super wholesome and one was vaguely illegal. But I don’t need my mom calling me up asking about what I was doing from 1997 to 1999.”