Then I went home and fucked around in the kitchen. I’ve been experimenting a lot with cooking weed. Everybody always gives me cookies and brownies. I’m fucking sick of it already. I’m just gonna get fat and stoned. One day I was like “there’s gotta be a way to make savory dishes with this weed.” So I started making savory dishes and doing different types of things, and it’s been working. I grilled branzino, made a vinaigrette infusing olive oil with the weed, lemon, capers, a little bit of basil, a little bit of parsley, and some red onions. I laid it over the fish after it was cooked, and it had the same effect as if I smoked twenty blunts. The infusing part is my trick. I’m working on a book, and you’ll have to buy it to find out how I did it.

A week of eating Action Bronson-style.


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