Everyone needs a room of their own. This blog will house my writing and self-promotion, celebrate my brilliant friends, and display the best sounds and images I run across in the day-to-day. There will be jokes, and anecdotes. I’d like to collect my small-but-growing oeuvre in one place. Maybe I’ll make $5 off Google ads someday?

By day, I’m a reporter at Quartz, where I cover the shifting relationships between people, corporations, governments and non-governmental institutions. At night, I’m a founding editor of Tomorrow, the magazine about what’s best in life. I also write magazine features, book reviews, and policy analysis for a variety of outlets. I have degrees in Government, Theology and Arabic from Georgetown University.

I’m interested in the life of the mind, getting your money right, Big Data, the liberal coalition, Germany, hot jams, Barack Obama, California, futurism, improving my aesthetic, Congress, hypocrisy, commerce, the Middle East, macroeconomics, the politics of institutions and New Hampshire, among diverse other topics.

Formerly, I was the business editor at GOOD Magazine. Before that, I was an economic correspondent at the National Journal, where I focused on tax and budget issues. I’ve also been a reporter and blogger at the American Prospect magazine and a Research Fellow at the New America Foundation. My work has also been published by the American Lawyer, the Center for American Progress, the Daily Beast, Fast Company, GOOD, The Guardian (UK), The Nation, National Journal, the New Republic, Newsweek, Reuters, and the Washington City Paper. I’ve appeared on CBC, CNBC, C-SPAN, Al Jazeera, RT TV and MSNBC, and a variety of public and satellite radio stations. In college, I was editor-in-chief of the great Georgetown Voice. Check the archive for my assorted work.

Hit me up: first initial last name at gmail dot com

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