long-form work, circa 2012:

Aztec Rising. GOOD. A Mexican TV station seeks an American audience in this story of bicultural America.

Moving On Up. GOOD. A story about about Tongan emigres, Norwegian psychiatrists, unemployed Americans, schizophrenia and why it pays to hit the road.

The Econographic, 2011. GOOD. With Dylan Lathrop. A narrative infographic explaining the state of the economy.

Not Just Cerveza and Tamales: The Real Story of Cinco de Mayo. GOOD. The history behind the holiday that’s not as fake as you think.

Why Has the Obama Administration Declared War on Medical Marijuana? The New Republic. A letter from California about the Feds cracking down on…local regulatory mechanisms?

Why the SEC Will Soon Be Prosecuting More Cases Against Big Banks—And Losing. The New Republic. A judge’s decision brings bolder cases–and bigger risks.

A Clash of Ideas. National Journal. Putting some flesh on the budget debate with an explanation of the underlying ideological conflicts.

The Cost of bin Laden: $3 Trillion Over 15 Years National Journal. With Jim Tankersley. In the four days following the death of Osama Bin Laden, Jim and I carefully reported the full cost of the country’s most expensive manhunt for a feature story.

A Bank That Doesn’t Suck. Fast Company. The finance geeks trying to reinvent consumer banking for the 21st century.

The End of Capitalism. The American Prospect. Computers and humans alike revel in financial chaos on Wall Street and Capital Hill.

New Kids on the Hill. The American Prospect. A dueling profile of two young members of Congress.

Breakfast at Hugo’s. The American Prospect. Some casual red-baiting results in an uncomfortable breakfast at the Venezuelan embassy.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting A Majority. The American Prospect. A portrait of the ascendant Congressional Democrats of 2008.